Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Get Smarter About Buying and Selling on eBay

We’ll start things off with a variety of tricks that can be used by any eBay member—buyer or seller. These tricks will help you get started as a new eBay user, and get you up to speed on a variety of important operations.

Ebay Trick Signing Up and Choosing an ID

Ebay Trick # 1 : Register Without Providing Financial Information
When you sign up to sell on eBay, you have to provide a bit more information than when you’re signing up just to buy. Chief among this extra information that eBay wants are your credit card and back account numbers. For most people this isn’t an issue, but some people might be reluctant to provide this personal financial information to eBay.

Ebay Trick # 2 : It's Okay to Change Your ID
If for whatever reason, you don’t like your user ID, you can always change it.

Ebay Trick # 3 : Use Two Different ID
You’re not limited to a single ID. eBay lets you create multiple IDs, which you can use in a number of ways. You can use one ID for buying and another for selling, or
use a separate ID for eBay’s discussion boards, or use different IDs for selling different types of products.

Ebay Trick Creating Learning More About Ebay

Ebay Trick # 4 : Use the Site Map
If you have a question about how eBay works, the answer is probably located somewhere on the eBay site. Unfortunately, finding that particular page isn’t always
easy; eBay does a good job of effectively hiding some of the best parts of their site.

Ebay Trick # 5 : Use eBay Live Help
Even more help is available from eBay’s staff. While you can’t call them up and talk by phone, you can contact eBay staff live, in real time, by using the Live Help
system. Just click the Live Help link near the top of eBay’s home page.

Ebay Trick # 6 : eBay's Help Doesn't Have All the Answers
The eBay site has an okay help system, and even better Live Help, as just discussed. But don’t expect eBay to be helpful about everything—especially when it comes to
saving you money on the eBay site.

Ebay Trick # 7 : Learn from your Sellers
The more transactions you make, the smarter you get. You can learn something from every bid you make—even the losing ones. And when you win an auction,
pay particular attention to how the seller transacts business.

Ebay Trick # 8 : Let eBay Notify You of News and Happenings
eBay is constantly changing. There’s something new practically every day, and it’s tough to keep track of all the changes. Fortunately, eBay keeps you up-to-date on
all the latest goings on via official announcements.

Ebay Trick # 9 : Get the Latest Auction News at AuctionBytes
AuctionBytes not only features the latest eBay news, but also a ton of tips and other information about eBay and other online auction sites.

Ebay Trick # 10 : Subscribe to an eBay Newsletter
There are several other informative newsletters you can use to learn more about how eBay works, and to improve your auction success.

Ebay Trick # 11 : Frequent the eBay Discussion Boards
Here’s a trick that many members offered. You can get tons of help from other eBay users, via eBay’s community discussion boards. Just click the Community link at the
top of any eBay page (or go directly to and then click the Discussion Boards link to see all the boards available.

Ebay Trick # 12 : Search The Boards Before You Post
There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Chances are someone else has been through your current situation, and already posted about it on one of eBay’s discussion
boards—which means you don’t have to ask the question again.

Ebay Trick # 13 : Subscribe to Other Online Auction Groups
eBay’s official community forums aren’t the only online communities devoted to the topic of online auctions. There are a number of well-populated Yahoo! groups,
which you can either read in your web browser or have messages delivered to you via email. The nice thing about these unofficial groups is that you don’t have the
eBay content police reading over your shoulder, so pretty much anything goes, with no censorship.

Ebay Trick # 14: Learn the Lingo
Take your time and look around a little before you make your first post; this will also give you a little time to learn that particular board’s lingo.

Ebay Trick # `5 : Attend Ebay University
Another way to get educated about eBay is to attend eBay University. No, this isn’t a real-life ivy-covered campus, but rather a series of online and local classes put on
by the eBay staff.

Ebay Trick # 16 : Go to eBay Live
eBay Live is a great way to find out more about eBay’s various products and services, as well as those offered by third-party suppliers. It’s also a terrific place to meet other
eBay buyers and sellers (especially PowerSellers), as well as eBay staff. It’s the best place to network with other eBayers, and to get all your questions answered.

Ebay Trick # 17 : Find a Mentor
While these casual mentors are not going to give away all their secrets, you’re likely to find that they’ll be happy to share basic information to help you get started.

Ebay Trick Creating Your Own About Me Page

Ebay Trick # 18 : Use Your About Me Page to Offset a Low Feedback Rating
When you’re first starting out on eBay, you haven’t yet established your reputation, as recorded by your feedback rating. In this situation, you can use your About Me page
to tell potential buyers and sellers a little about yourself, which can help offset any dubious opinions they may have of your low feedback rating. Make sure that your About Me page is as professional-looking as possible, so that you leave a good

Ebay Trick # 19 : Make Your About Me Page About You
It’s important that your About Me page actually be about you—that is, that it reflect your personal likes and dislikes. You can do this not only via the information
you include, but also in your choice of design, colors, and graphics.

Ebay Trick # 20 : Use Your Own HTML
You can choose from one of eBay’s predesigned About Me templates, or you can use HTML to create a more customized page. To use your own HTML, select the Enter
Your Own HTML Code option on the About Me: Choose Your Editing Option page. When the Edit Your HTML page appears, enter your HTML code into the editing window. (To start completely fresh, delete any existing code first—or you can simply use HTML to supplement the current page.)

Ebay Trick # 21 : Use eBay Tags for Specific Information
eBay offers a number of special HTML tags you can include in your About Me page
to display your specific account and auction information. When you use these tags,
your current information is automatically inserted into your page and kept constantly

Ebay Trick Avoiding Spams and Scams

Ebay Trick # 22 : Beware of Fake Emails
Probably the biggest eBay-related scam is the fake email—commonly called a spoof or phishing scheme. This scam comes in the form of an official-looking email message, purportedly from eBay or PayPal. These fake emails, typically seek to inform you about some problem with your account, and request that you update your personal information to avoid having your account canceled. When you click on the link in the message, you go to a web page that looks like the eBay or PayPal site, and you’re provided with a form to fill out; said form usually asks for your name, address, user name, password, and credit card information.

Ebay Trick # 25 : Minimize eBay-Related Spam
Many users find that when they sign up for eBay their daily spam starts increasing in volume. This can happen if you’re not careful when choosing your user ID. If you choose an ID that matches your regular email name, it’s easy for spammers to put two and two together and add your address to their spam list.

Ebay Trick General Advice

Ebay Trick # 24 : Use the eBay Toolbar
Many frequent eBay operations can be accessed directly by the eBay Toolbar, an add-on toolbar that attaches to the Internet Explorer web browser. With the eBay
Toolbar installed (and a live Internet connection) you’re a button click away from doing pricing research, checking on your auction bidders, and going directly to your
My eBay.

Ebay Trick # 25 : Contact Other Members
Most users don’t know that they can send emails to any other user on the eBay system. Of course, it’s easy to email the seller in one of your auctions; just click the
Contact Seller link on the auction listing page.

Ebay Trick # 26 : Help Your Kids Buy and Sell
eBay requires you to be 18 years of age to buy or sell on its site. But that doesn’t stop younger buyers and sellers from taking part in the fun. The thing to remember
is that all transactions have to be completed by an adult, and that adult will be held responsible. So if you have kids, you can do their trading for them.

Ebay Trick # 27 : Get a High Speed Connection
Technology is your friend—especially high-speed Internet technology. While there’s nothing stopping you from accessing eBay with a traditional dial-up connection, it’s a more pleasant experience when you connect at broadband speeds. Most eBay auction listings include at least one picture, and pictures load quite a bit faster with a cable modem or DSL connection. Plus, those crucial last-second bids zip through a lot smoother when you’re not waiting on your slow phone line to connect.